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Post model sensitivity analysis with features in the supply model

The behaviour of the CAPRI supply model depends on the interaction between endogenous variables such as production and feeding activities both via the objective function and the constraints. Even if the dual analysis of the results may help, understanding the changes in levels of endogenous variables compared to the baseline is far from trivial. As the directions and size of certain impacts on the reported changes is not known, result analysis carries a high risk of mis-interpretations. A specific optional reporting tool has been developed therefore and is accessible though the CAPRI GUI (farm ⇒ supply model analysis) that systematically analyses the contributions of the different allocative mechanisms in the model. The basic idea consists in evaluating how the result at given prices would have looked like if certain endogenous model features would not have been used.

However due to various code changes in the last years it cannot guaranteed that the reporting option it still fully operational such that we refer the interested reader to earier versions of this documentation1).

A more complete version of this section (originally drafted by Wolfgang Britz) in the CAPRI documentation is accessible in the \doc folder of any stable release of the CAPRI system up to star 2.4 from
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