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How to Edit Capri Wiki

Each chapter has an edit button (right of the text), which allows for the editing of the whole chapter. This button will only be visible to authors. At the end of each section is another edit button which will only open the specific section. To create a new chapter navigate to the sidebar. Open any chapter select Backlinks (under edit) choose sidebar. Here, create a new chapter by editing the side bar and wirting [ [ Chaptername ] ]. Save the edit, click on the newly created link and create the page (same location as the edit button). Further reading:

Special Requirements

As this Wiki gets regularly exported to PDF special requirements must be met to ensure easy export of the format.

directory paths

Backslashes in directory paths cause errors in the export. Replace all “\” in the text with “/”

Titles and Captions

Table(tablenumber): and Figure(figurenumber): written in bold will be captured and linked to the next Figure or Table.
Source: under a Table or Figure will be captured in the caption of the Table or Figure.


Do not use linebreaks (\\) in Tables as this will cause a new line in the PDFtable and will render the table useless.


Convert Word documents to the dokuwiki format

Technical documents on new model developments are often prepared in Word format. To disseminate their information content, those documents can be converted to the dokuwiki format and be included into the CAPRI wiki. This section provides a few tips on how to do the conversion of Word documents.

  • The Pandoc software provides an easy-to-use framework for document conversion. Dowload Pandoc here
  • For converting mathematical formulas, you will need Latex. Miktex is the most common Latex package for Windows Dowload Miktex here
  • Pandoc can be used from the command line, or by optionally including the commands in a batch file. A simple example for converting the Word document 'some.docx' to dokuwiki format:
pandoc -i some.docx - o mydoku -t dokuwiki 
  • Pictures in the Word document can not be converted automatically with pandoc. Those must be included by first uploading them using the 'Media Manager' and then linking them in the wiki content by using the following syntax (please think about organizing your pictures in a folder structure in case you have many pictures to add to your wiki document):
  • The hierarchy of the section headers (levels) might need to be revised after the conversion, depending on where the converted document will be inserted in the CAPRI wiki
  • Be careful with spacing in latex math mode. Sometimes the Word formulas include white spaces that are converted to strange symbols in the dokuwiki version. More about the white spaces in math mode here

Equation editing in the wiki

In the doku wiki we are using the a plugin called MathJax ( which is parsing equations in TeX math expressions in wiki pages. The plugin use is described here: with some more links. The plug in also includes automatic equation numbering.

\text{min} \quad hp=1000 \sum_{1<t<T-1}({y_{t+1}^*-y_{t-1}^*})^2 + \sum_{t}({y_t^*-y_t})^2
      n \\
  \right) = \frac{n!}{r!(n-r)!}

which is rendered as:

\begin{equation} \text{min} \quad hp=1000 \sum_{1<t<T-1}({y_{t+1}^*-y_{t-1}^*})^2 + \sum_{t}({y_t^*-y_t})^2 \end{equation}

\begin{equation} \left( \begin{array}{c} n \\ r \end{array} \right) = \frac{n!}{r!(n-r)!} \end{equation}

How to write a formular see:

CAPRI documentation as PDF

Necessary Programs:

  1. Any LateXenvironment capable of LuaLaTex e.g.

Executing the Pythonscript creates the folder “mmddyyCapri”, in which the content of the Wiki gets downloaded. The tex.files get modified to allow for LuaLaTeX PDFexport, to do so open the “mmddyyCapri.tex” in the created directory and choose LuaLaTeX then start PDF generation. Table of content and intradocument references will display correctly after second run of LuaLaTeX. This creates “mmddyyCapri.pdf” in the “mmddyyCapri” directory (the current Wikicontent in PDFformat).

### Known Issues (work in progress)### 1. Longtables can be wider then the page (easiest to adapt manually) 3. Cells with rowbreak are not completly outlined (maybe fix manually, will try to catch in the code) 4. figures only seperated by empty line (in the Wiki) appear beside each other not under, results in wrongly scaled figures.

List of CAPRI manuals in pdf format

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