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Installation instructions

Using CAPRI requires extensive knowledge of how the system works. Please look out for CAPRI training courses on the page of upcoming events. The following bare-bone instructions may nevertheless be sufficient to get the system up and technically running.

  1. Create an installation folder to hold model source files on your local hard drive such that the path does not contain spaces. Thus, it will not work to install the model in “My Documents” (path containing space) or on a network drive (the access will be too slow).
  2. Extract the files of the compressed archive (or checkout from SVN) into the folder you just created.
  3. Go to the subfolder GUI, double-click “start_capri.bat”. That should open the graphical user interface (GUI). If not, something is wrong with your Java-installation.
  4. In the menu settings, choose Edit settings.
    • In the first tab: enter your name
    • In the second tab: verify that the paths to result and restart folders are set to ..\output\results and ..\output\restart. The GAMS directory should read ..\gams and the data directory should read ..\dat.
    • In the third tab: enter the complete path to the GAMS executable. Probably it is something like c:\gams\win64\24.7\gams.exe. Also verify that the path to the Scratch directory is ..\output\temp. Click the button to “get number of processors”.
    • In the fourth tab: do nothing.
    • In the final tab: do nothing.
  5. Click “Save in caprinew.ini” and accept the file name suggested for your settings.
  6. Initialize the result directory structure by executing the task “Create result and restart directory structure” in the workstep “Installation” by marking those radio-buttons in the GUI and clicking “Start GAMS”.
  7. Close the GUI, then start it again (using start_capri.bat), to make it process all your settings.
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