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Build databases and baselines

The stable releases are shipped with only input data, but not with any of the consistent model databases needed to run the model. Those are created by tasks executable from the GUI. So, now you need to build all databases of CAPRI. This takes very long time. Depending on the hardware you use, it can take up to several days. In order to keep track of all the various settings required for executing the model, the release contains a “batch execution file” that instructs the GUI how to carry out a sequence of tasks without intervention of the user. Here is what you need to do:

  1. In the GUI, choose the menu GUI –> Batch execution
  2. In the dialogue, choose the file ”<gamsdir>\GUI\batchfiles\build_database_and_baseline.txt”
  3. Uncheck the option “Only compile the GAMS programs”
  4. Click “Start batch execution”.
  5. Wait for the program to finish (hours, days).
  6. Click “Open HTML report” and verify that all steps were completed without errors (RC=0).
  7. There are certain known stability issues, in particular with the creation of the regionalized time series and the base
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