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Structure of the documentation

The documentation is structured as follows. Sections 1.2-1.3 give an overview of CAPRI system and its main software, GAMS. Section 1.4 informs about the CAPRI network. Sections 1.5 and 1.6 describe historical development of the model and more recent examples of CAPRI studies. Chapter 2 provides with system requirements and the main installation instructions.

The rest of the document largely follows the workflow of the model: the different steps of building up the national, regional and global data base provide the foundations on which the system rests (Chapter 3). Subsequently the procedure needed to establish a baseline (Chapter 4) is discussed. Chapter 5 deals with the scenario impact analysis, giving descriptions for the regional supply models as well as for the global market model and their interactions in scenario runs. Chapter 6 covers some elements of post model analysis, whereas Chapter 7 covers options for spatial downscaling of the NUTS2 results. At the very end (Chapter 8), some developer tools for stability analysis are described.

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