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Markus Kempen

www.ilr.uni-bonn.de_agpo_staff_kempen_kempen.jpgCAPRI network member since 2004


University Bonn, Institute for Agricultural Policy

Nussallee 21, D-53115 Bonn, Germany


Telephone: ++49-(0)-228-73 2577


Current responsibilities

  • Developing labor Module for definition of labor input coefficients per activity and region
  • Developing Module LCA-energy of attributive life-cycle analysis for energy use for agricultural activities per NUTS 2 region and up scaling to regional aggregates
  • Developing CAPRI Modeling system

Major Contributions to CAPRI

  • Quantitative agricultural sector analysis
  • GIS aided spatial disaggregation of CAPRI parameters
  • Modeling system; cropping shares and GAMS coding
  • Development and application methodology of environmental impact tool to evaluate cross compliance measures

Major CAPRI applications

  • Estimation of fertilizer application rates
  • Analysis of environmental impacts of political programs in the EU
  • Spatial land use map, post model analysis

CAPRI projects

  • Contribution to FP VI project CCAT (2007-2010)
  • Contribution to FP VI project SEAMLESS (2005-2009)
  • Contribution to FP project CAPRI-Dynaspat (2004-2007)
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