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Upcoming events

Training Session 2019

The 2019 CAPRI Training Session will take place in Seville, Spain, from 5 to 8 November. This time, the training is organized by UPM and JRC-Seville under the framework of the SUPREMA project.

Places are limited and pre-registration is open until June 30. The full invitation and pre-registration form are available in this preliminary agenda.

The focus of this year's training is to provide participants with fundamental knowledge of the CAPRI model to support and foster their further independent use for educational and research purposes (at the advanced level). Participants will learn to use the CAPRI model for scenario analysis and get acquainted with its Graphical User Interface (GUI), its structural blocks and its development approach. Special attention will be given to hands-on exercises on ex-ante impact assessments of agricultural policy changes in the agricultural sector, agri-food markets and the environment.

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