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Upcoming events

Training Session 2018

The 2018 CAPRI training session will be held in Uppsala, Sweden from September 18 to 20. The training session starts in the morning of Tuesday 18, and ends at lunch on Thursday 20. The full invitation is available here.

This year will see some changes to the format of the changes. The course will be registered as a PhD level course at the university SLU that gives academic credits, to better serve the needs and recognize the efforts of PhD-students. However, it will still be possible to participate in the course without registering as a student, just as in previous courses. Furthermore, there will be a self-study tutorial distributed together with a release version of the model before the course. That way, we hope to (i) give participants an opportunity to learn more at their own pace (ii) be able to start the training session in Uppsala with some basic level of knowledge and skills, and (iii) give more academic credits for the course.

Next Release

We are currently working intensely on the first maintenance release of version 2. In particular, we address issues with feed and fertilizer allocations that were detected in STAR 1, and that were not finalized on time for STAR 2.0. The release should be available for use with the training session tutorial. As usual, the release will be announced in the news feed and available from the Get CAPRI page.

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