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Thomas Heckelei

CAPRI network member since 1997


University Bonn, Institute for Food and Resource Economics

Nussallee 21, 53115 Bonn, Germany


Telephone: ++49-(0)-228-73 2332


Major Contributions to CAPRI

  • Development of the concept and implementation of the first version with W. Britz in others end of the nineties

CAPRI projects

  • Co-ordination of Tender project IPTS-Biofuel (2009-2010)
  • Contribution to FP VI project CCAT (2007-2010)
  • Co-ordination of Tender project EU FARMS (2007 - 2009)
  • Contribution to FP VI project SEAMLESS (2005-2009)
  • Coordination of Tender project CAPRI-IPTS (2005-2006), Development of a regionalized EU-Wide operational model to assess the impact of Common Agricultural Policy on farming sustainability
  • Contribution to FP project CAP-STRAT (2001-2004)
  • Contribution to FP project CAPRI (1997-1999)

Publications, project reports and conference contributions

    Jansson, T., und Heckelei, T. (2011):
    Estimating a Primal Model of Regional Crop Supply in the European Union
    Journal of Agricultural Economics, 62 (1), pp 137-152

    Britz W., Perez I. and Heckelei T. (2010):
    A comparison of CAPRI and SEAMLESS as Integrated Modelling Systems
    in: Brouwer, F., van Ittersum, M.K. (Eds.), Environmental and agricultural modelling: integrated approaches for policy impact assessment. Springer, Dordrecht, 2010

    Jansson, T., Kuiper M., Banse M., Heckelei T. and Adenäuer, M. (2008):
    Getting the best of both worlds? Linking CAPRI and GTAP for an economywide assessment of agriculture
    Paper resented at the 11th Annual Conference on Global Economic Analysis, Helsinki, Finland

    Weissleder, L., Adenäuer, M., Heckelei, T. (2008):
    Impact assessment of trade liberalisation between EU and Mercosur countries
    Proceedings of the 107th European Seminar of the EAAE, January 29th - February 1st, Sevilla.

    Weissleder, L., Becker, A., Adenäuer, M., Britz, W., Junker, F., Heckelei, T. (2008):
    EU-Mercosur impact assessment of trade liberalisation scenarios using the CAPRI modelling system.
    EUMercoPol Report No. 21, EU 6th Framework Programme, Contract No. 6516.

    Britz, W., Heckelei, T., Junker, F. and Perez, I. (2007):
    Analyse der Auswirkungen von Handelpolitikszenarien auf die landwirtschaftlichen Märkte,
    in: Tagungsband der 19. und 20. Wissenschaftlichen Fachtagung: Landwirtschaft 2015, pp. 10-22

    Britz, W., Pérez, I., Zimmermann, A. and Heckelei, T.:
    Definition of the CAPRI Core Modelling System and Interfaces with other Components of SEAMLESS-IF
    SEAMLESS report no. 26, January 2007

    Britz W., Heckelei, T. and Perez, I. (2006):
    Land Use Effects of Decoupling: An EU wide, regionally differentiated Analysis,
    Agrarwirtschaft , Band 55 , S. 215-226

    Britz W., Heckelei T., Perez I., Junker F. und C. Wieck. (2006):
    How sustainable is the latest CAP Reform under the possible Trade Liberalisation Outcomes of the Doha Round?,
    paper resented at the IATRC summer meeting 2005, Sevilla, June 16/17 2005: "Pressures for Agricultural Reform: WTO Panels and the Doha Round Negotiations"

    Kempen M., Heckelei, T. and Britz W. (2006):
    An Econometric Approach for Spatial Disaggregation of Crop Production in the EU ,
    in: Arfini (edt.): Modelling Agricultural Policies: State of the Art and New Challenges, proceeding of the 89 th Seminar of the EAAE, 810-830

    Kempen, M., Heckelei, T. and Britz W.:
    Validation of Spatially Explicit Land Use Choices Based On Probabilistic Theory.
    Paper presented at the International Conference on Regional and Urban Modeling Brussels, June 1-2, 2006

    Wieck, C., Junker, F., Pérez, I., Heckelei, T. and Britz W. (2006):
    Combining Global Trade Analysis with Regional Impact Assessment: Effects of Trade Liberalisation under the recent CAP Reform,
    IMPACT TWP 06-116, Pullman, WA.

    Adenaeuer, M. and Heckelei T. (2005):
    Reform of the CMO Sugar - Impacts on European Agriculture
    Paper presented on the 8th Annual Conference on Global Economic Analysis of the GTAP consortium, Lübeck, 9 - 11. June.
    download pdf-version

    Britz W., Heckelei, T. and Wolff, H. (2003) :
    Symmetric Positive Equilibrium Problem: A Framework for Rationalizing Economic Behavior with Limited Information: Comment.
    Amer. J. Agr. Ecom. 85(4) (November 2003): 1078-1081s

    Britz W. and Heckelei T.: (2000)
    Positive Mathematical Programming with Multiple Data Points:
    A Cross-Sectional Estimation Procedure

    in Cahiers d'Economie et Sociologie Rurales Nr 57, 4e trimestre 2000

    Britz W. and Heckelei T.:
    Effekte von Agenda 2000 auf den deutschen und französischen Agrarsektor - Anwendung des regionalisierten Modellsystems CAPRI
    Paper presented at "Gemeinsame Tagung von SFER und Gewisola, Strasbourg, 11-12.10.2000"

    Britz W. and Heckelei T.:
    A Cross Sectional Maximum Entropy Estimation of Cost Functions for Regional Programming
    Paper presented at "XXIV. IAAE Conference, August 13-18, 2000, Berlin"

    Britz W. and Heckelei T.:
    Concept and Explorative Application of an EU-wide, Regional Agricultural Sector Model (CAPRI-Project)
    Paper presented at "65th EAAE seminar, Agricultural Sector Modelling and Policy Information Systems, Bonn (Germany), March, 29-31, 2000"

    Henrichsmeyer, W., Britz, W., Heckelei, T., Meudt, M., Sander, R. (1999) :
    Konzept eines regionalisierten, agrarsektoralen Politikinformationssystems für den Agarsektor der EU: das CAPRI-Modell.In: Agrarwirtschaft Jg. 46 (1997), Heft 8/9, S. 322 - 324.

    Sander, R., H. Wolff, W. Britz and Th. Heckelei:
    Die Veränderung der regionalen Wettbewerbsfähigkeit der Ölsaaten- und Getreideproduktion unter dem Einfluß der GAP 1992 - Analyse auf Grundlage einer EU-weiten, regionalisierten Datenbasis.
    In: V. Alvensleben, R., Koester, U. and C. Langbehn: Wettbewerbsfähigkeit und Unternehmertum in der Land- und Ernährungswirtschaft, Schriften der Gesellschaft für Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaften des Landbaues e.V., Band 36, pp. 21-28, Münster-Hiltrup. [A draft - presented at the 40th conference of GeWiSoLa 1999 in Kiel, October 1999

    Britz W., Heckelei T. and Sander. R.:
    Konzept eines regionalisierten, agrarsektoralen Politikinformationssystems für den Agrarsektor der EU: das CAPRI-Model
    in: Berg E., Henrichsmeyer W. & Schiefer G. (eds): Agrarwirtschaft in der Informationsgesellschaft, Schriften der Gesellschaft für Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaften des Landbaus e.V., Band 35 1999

    Britz W., Sander R., Wolff H. and Heckelei T.:
    Die regionale Wettbewerbsfähigkeit der Agrarproduktion under dem Einfluss verschiedener politischer Rahmenbedingungen - Analyse auf Basis eines EU-weiten, regionalisierten Sektormodells
    Paper presented at "40. GeWiSoLa-Tagung, 4-6.10.1999, Kiel"

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