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Klaus Mittenzwei

CAPRI network member since 2001


Norwegian Agricultural Economics Research Institute (NILF)

P.O. Box 8024 Dep. NO-0030, Oslo, Norway


Telephone: ++47-(0)-22-36 7272


CAPRI projects

Publications, project reports and conference contributions

    Britz W. and Mittenzwei K. (2008):
    Spatial down-scaling as a tool to improve multifunctionality indicators in economic models
    in: Paul N. Findley (ed.). Environmental Modelling: New Research, Nova Publishers 2008, ISBN: 978-1-60692-034-3

    Mittenzwei K., Fjellstad W., Dramstad W., Flaten O., Gjertsen A.K., Loureiro M. and Prestegard S.P. (2007):
    Opportunities and limitations in assessing the multifunctionality of agriculture within the CAPRI model
    Ecological Indicators 7(4) (November 2007), 827-838.

    Mittenzwei, K., Adenäuer, M., Asheim, L. and ,Prestegard, S. (2006):
    Medium-term EU Integration Impacts on Norwegian Agriculture: A Partial Equlibrium Analysis. FOOD ECONOMICS, Volume 3, Number 1, 2006

    Mittenzwei K. and Fjellstad W. (2006):
    Operasjonalisering av multifunksjonalitet i modellsystemet CAPRI>
    NILF-notat 2006-06

    Mittenzwei, K. & S.S. Prestegard (2004):
    Dokumentasjon av modellsystemet CAPRI - Modellbeskrivelse og analyser (with english summary).
    NILF-rapport 2004-6, NILF, Oslo.

    Mittenzwei, K. (2004)
    Dokumentasjon av modellsystemet CAPRI - Teknisk dokumentasjon og brukerveiledning. NILF-notat 2004-19. NILF. Oslo

    Anderson, F. G., Asheim, L. J., Mittenzwei, K. and Veggeland, F. (2002):
    Agriculture in selected countries – study of The United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Switzerland and Italy with relevance to the WTO..
    Norwegian Agricultural Economics Research Institute, Oslo. NILF report 2002-8, ISSN: 0805-7028
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