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Selected environmental indicators at 1x1 km grid resolution
- Green House Gas Emissions

Main Contributors: Ignacio Perez, Adrian Leip, Wolfgang Britz

The Green House Gas emissions per agricultural production activity are taken currently from the regional CAPRI data base where they are calculated according the guidelines for Green House gas inventories defined by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

The following sources are covered:

  • Methane emissions from manure management
  • Methane emissions from manure management
  • Methane emissions from enteric fermentation
  • Methane emissions from enteric fermentation
  • Direct emissions from animal waste on the field
  • Direct emissions from cultivation of histosols
  • Direct emissions from crop residues
  • Direct emissions from nitrogen fixing crops
  • Indirect emissions from ammonia volatilisation
  • Indirect emissions from leaching
  • Emissions stemming from manure managment not on grazings
  • Emissions stemming from manure managment on grazings
  • Direct emissions from anorganic fertilizer application
  • Direct emissions from fertilizer application not including grassland
  • Direct emissions from atmosferic deposition
  • Mitrous oxide emissions during fertilizer production

The different emissions are also reported aggregated to CO2 equivalens. It is planned to refine the calculation at grid level by taking e.g. fertilizer application rates into account

Background information and documentation

Perez I.:
Greenhouse Gases: Inventories, Abatement Costs and Markets for Emission Permits in European Agriculture - A Modelling Approach, Bonn 2005, 222 pages

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