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Upcoming and recent developments


The 2016 CAPRI training session will be held in September in Dublin.

The training takes place within the framework of the Trustee project, but is open also to participants not part of that project.

Data and baseline

Currently, the model runs with a base year of 2008, being the average of 2007-2009. No update is planned withing the near future.


Within two studies commissioned by the JRC (Ecampa and Ecampa2), the accounting for emissions of Greenhouse gases (GHG) has been extended. On the production side, there is now the possibility of endogenous mitigation technologies. In the market model, an accounting for GHG emissions by commodity has been added. Those extensions have not yet been published in the scientific literature.

The extension of the GHG accounting system of CAPRI will be further reviewed and extended within a project funded by the Swedish Energy Agency, running from 2015 to 2018.

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