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 +======How to Edit Capri Wiki======
 +Each chapter has an edit button (right of the text), which allows for the editing of the whole chapter. This button will only be visible to authors.
 +At the end of each section is another edit button which will only open the specific section.
 +To create a new chapter navigate to the sidebar. Open any chapter select Backlinks (under edit) choose sidebar. Here, create a new chapter by editing the side bar and wirting [ [ Chaptername ] ]. 
 +Save the edit, click on the newly created link and create the page (same location as the edit button).
 +Further reading: https://​​manual
 +=====Special Requirements=====
 +As this Wiki gets regularly exported to PDF special requirements must be met to ensure easy export of the format.
 +===directory paths===
 +Backslashes in directory paths cause errors in the export. Replace all "​\"​ in the text with "/"​
 +===Titles and Captions===
 +**Table(tablenumber):​** and **Figure(figurenumber):​** written in **bold** will be captured and linked to the next Figure or Table. \\
 +Source: under a Table or Figure will be captured in the caption of the Table or Figure.
 +Do not use linebreaks (\\) in Tables as this will cause a new line in the PDFtable and will render the table useless.
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