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          <​UL>​          <​UL>​
-                 <​LI>​Contribution to FP VI project <A HREF="http://http://​">​CCAT</​A>​ (2007-2010)</​LI>​+                 <​LI>​Contribution to FP VI project <A HREF="​http://​">​CCAT</​A>​ (2007-2010)</​LI>​
-                 <​LI>​Contribution to FP VI project <A HREF="http://http://​">​SEAMLESS</​A>​ (2005-2009)</​LI>​+                 <​LI>​Contribution to FP VI project <A HREF="​http://​">​SEAMLESS</​A>​ (2005-2009)</​LI>​
                  <​LI>​Contribution to FP project ​ <A HREF="​http://​​agpo/​rsrch/​dynaspat/​dynaspat_e.htm">​CAPRI-Dynaspat</​A>​ (2004-2007)</​LI>​                  <​LI>​Contribution to FP project ​ <A HREF="​http://​​agpo/​rsrch/​dynaspat/​dynaspat_e.htm">​CAPRI-Dynaspat</​A>​ (2004-2007)</​LI>​
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