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Line 105: Line 105:
 \begin{split} \begin{split}
 CORR_{GROF,​o} &= \sum_{j,​r}{Levl_{j,​r}O_{j,​r}}/​GROF_{o,​n}\\ ​ CORR_{GROF,​o} &= \sum_{j,​r}{Levl_{j,​r}O_{j,​r}}/​GROF_{o,​n}\\ ​
-O_{j,​r}^*&​=O_{j,​r}*CORR_{GROF,​o}+O_{j,​r}^*&​=O_{j,​r} ​\cdot CORR_{GROF,​o}
 \end{split} \end{split}
 \end{align} \end{align}
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