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-====== CAPRI documentation as PDF ====== 
-Necessary Programs: 
-  - Python: 
-  - Any LateXenvironment capable of LuaLaTex e.g. 
-  - Pyton Script: 
-Executing the Pythonscript creates the folder "mmddyyCapri", in which the content of the Wiki gets downloaded. 
-The tex.files get modified to allow for LuaLaTeX PDFexport, to do so open the "mmddyyCapri.tex" in the created directory 
-and choose LuaLaTeX then start PDF generation. 
-Table of content and intradocument references will display correctly after second run of LuaLaTeX. 
-This creates "mmddyyCapri.pdf" in the "mmddyyCapri" directory (the current Wikicontent in PDFformat). 
-### Known Issues (work in progress)### 
-1. Longtables can be wider then the page (easiest to adapt manually) 
-3. Cells with rowbreak are not completly outlined (maybe fix manually, will try to catch in the code) 
-4. figures only seperated by empty line (in the Wiki) appear beside each other not under, results in wrongly scaled figures. 
-====== List of CAPRI manuals in pdf format ====== 
-[[|Version 2022 January]]