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torbjornj News: Announcing STAR 2.7
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   <​li><​a href="/​dokuwiki/​doku.php?​id=capri:​docs">​Technical documents</​a></​li>​   <​li><​a href="/​dokuwiki/​doku.php?​id=capri:​docs">​Technical documents</​a></​li>​
 +  ​
 +    <​li><​a href="​https://​​dokuwiki_help/​doku.php">​CAPRI wiki</​a></​li>  ​
 +  ​
 +  ​
   <​li><​a href="/​dokuwiki/​doku.php?​id=capri:​upcoming">​Upcoming</​a></​li>​   <​li><​a href="/​dokuwiki/​doku.php?​id=capri:​upcoming">​Upcoming</​a></​li>​
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 <ul class="​news">​ <ul class="​news">​
 +  <LI class="​news"> ​
 +  ​
 +  ​
 +Maintenance release 2.7 and associated results are available for download. The release fixes some market model problems and uses the "​new"​ feed distribution by default. Get the new release from <a href="​https://​​dokuwiki_help/​doku.php?​id=getting_started_with_capri">​this page</​A>​.
 +  </LI>
 + <​LI class="​news"> ​
 +CAPRI online Training Session 2021 Announcement:​ The CAPRI training session 2021 will take place from 20.09.2021 to 24.09.2021. The session is hosted by the Humboldt University of Berlin and will be conducted via Zoom.  Additional information about the course will be provided to the registered users soon. You can enroll from now in the course under  <a href="​https://​​course/​view.php?​id=103993">​ link. </a>
 +    </LI>
   <LI class="​news"> ​   <LI class="​news"> ​
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