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         <​H3>​Affiliation</​H3>​         <​H3>​Affiliation</​H3>​
-        <​P>​Technical University of Madrid (UPM), Department of Agricultural Economics</P> +        <P>​Department of Agricultural Economics, <A HREF="​http://​"​>​Technical University of Madrid (UPM)</A></P>
         <​P>​ETSIAAB,​ Av. Puerta de Hierro 2, 28040 Madrid, Spain</​P>​         <​P>​ETSIAAB,​ Av. Puerta de Hierro 2, 28040 Madrid, Spain</​P>​
          <​P><​B>​Contact</​B></​P>​          <​P><​B>​Contact</​B></​P>​
          <​P>​Telephone:​ +34 910670893</​P>​          <​P>​Telephone:​ +34 910670893</​P>​
          <​P>​E-mail:​</​P>​          <​P>​E-mail:​</​P>​
-         <​P>​Web:​ https://​</​P>​ 
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         <UL>         <UL>
-                  ​<​LI>​Development of a water sub-module</​LI>​+                 <​LI>​Development of a water sub-module</​LI>​
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         <UL>         <UL>
-                  ​<​LI>​Update and enhancement of the CAPRI baseline</​LI>​ +                 <​LI>​Update and enhancement of the CAPRI baseline</​LI>​
- +
                  <​LI>​Development of the biofuel module</​LI>​                  <​LI>​Development of the biofuel module</​LI>​
 +                 <​LI>​Development of the irrigation module</​LI>​
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