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       <​H3>​Current projects</​H3>​       <​H3>​Current projects</​H3>​
       <UL>       <UL>
 +        <​P>​2016-2020:​ <A HREF=http://​http://​>​SIM4NEXUS,​ Sustainable Integrated Management FOR the NEXUS of water-land-food-energy-climate for a resource-efficient Europe</​A>,​ <BR> <font size=1>
 +Project financed by H2020; ​
 +Coordinated by <A HREF=http://​http://​​en/​Expertise-Services/​Research-Institutes/​Economic-Research.htm>​WUR-LEI</​A>;​
 +CAPRI contribution by <A HREF=http://​>​UPM,​ Madrid</​A></​font></​P> ​       ​
         ​         ​
         <​P>​2016-2016:​ capri*: A Stable Release for CAPRI, IMAP / ENgAGE<​BR> ​         <​P>​2016-2016:​ capri*: A Stable Release for CAPRI, IMAP / ENgAGE<​BR> ​
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