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  <​LI>​The <A HREF="​http://​"​ target="​_parent">​GDX API</​A>​ to access GAMS GDX files</​LI>​  <​LI>​The <A HREF="​http://​"​ target="​_parent">​GDX API</​A>​ to access GAMS GDX files</​LI>​
- <​LI>​The flow map API developped by Doantam Phan</​LI>​+ <​LI>​The ​<A HREF="​http://​​papers/​flow_map_layout/​flow_map_layout.pdf">​flow map API</​A> ​developped by Doantam Phan</​LI>​
-<​LI>​The WEKA machine learning library</​LI>​+<​LI>​The ​ <A HREF="​http://​​ml/​weka/">​WEKA</​A> ​machine learning library</​LI>​
-<​LI>​Some parts of the geotools library for Shapefile processing</​LI>​+<​LI>​Some parts of the <A HREF="​http://​">​geotools</​A> ​library for Shapefile processing</​LI>​
  </​UL>​  </​UL>​
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