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 <​H3>​Applications</​H3>​ <​H3>​Applications</​H3>​
-<class="pubParagraph"><​span class="pubAuthor">Britz, W., Gocht A., Perez Domingues, I., Jansson, T.,  Grosche, S.Zhao N. (2012)</​span>:<​BR>​ +<class=pubParagraph><​span class=pubAuthor>​Britz,​ W., GochtA., P&​egrave;​rez Dominguez, I., Jansson, T., Grosche, S. and ZhaoN.</​span>:<​BR>​ 
-<I>EU-wide (regional ​and farm leveleffects ​of premium decoupling ​and harmonisation following ​the Health Check reform</I> German Journal of Agricultural Economics, ​forthcoming</P>+<span class=pubTitel><a href=http://​​inhaltsverzeichnisse/​pages/​protected/​show.prl?​params=recent%3D1%26type%3D2&​id=656&​currPage=&​type=2>​ 
 +EU-Wide (Regional ​and Farm LevelEffects ​of Premium Decoupling ​and Harmonisation Following ​the Health Check Reform</A></​span><​BR>​ 
 +<span class=pubPresWo>German Journal of Agricultural Economics</​span><​span class=pubPresWo>​vol. 61</span><​span class=pubPresWo>,​ p. 44-56</​span></​p>
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